What is Music Together®?

  • Babies/toddlers/preschoolers (birth thru 7 years)
  • Parent-child classes with parent education each week
  • Babies only classes - for birth up to 8 months old
  • Big Kids classes - for children 5 years up to 8 years old
  • Music learned through playful activities in mixed-age classes
  • Young children learning from the powerful role model of parents/caregivers who are actively making music
  • Developmentally appropriate and research-based
  • Take home materials include 2 cd's, illustrated songbook,
    "new family" dvd
  • 9 song collections rotate over a 3 year period (including American folk,
    world music, Spanish songs, and many original tunes)
  • We seek to nurture a community of families making Music Together!

Experience Matters

We are the premier early childhood music program with over 16 years of singing
& dancing with Boulder county families. Not only are our teachers professional musicians & performers but all are trained early childhood music educators with over 28 years of combined experience teaching the very young.

Set up a free demo and find out why Music Together is the best option for nurturing your child's musical growth.



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Spring Semester Begins
March 30th, 2015
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