Music Together® Online--What you need to know

Zoom Room Tips


- Enrollment in the fall session includes access to all the scheduled Zoom classes that week. The meeting ID is the same for all of them.  View the calendar
- Before class begins, choose Gallery View in the upper right corner to see all your classmates and greet each other and your teacher. Be sure to check the chat window for any special instructions on what instruments you'll need that day.

- Once class begins, you may want to pin your teacher so her image will be the largest and easiest to see. Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of her box to view the options and select pin.

- Please change your name to list your child(ren)'s names first.  This can be done by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your box and selecting "Rename"

- You will be on mute for most of the class. This will allow for a better audio experience at home, but please make sure you are singing and moving along at home!

- If your teacher asks for suggestions, you can unmute and share, just HOLD DOWN YOUR SPACE BAR as you speak. This will temporarily unmute you. When you let go of the space bar, you will be muted again.

- After “Goodbye” your teacher will unmute everyone so you can chat before leaving your Zoom class. This is a good time to go back to Gallery View.

- Participate! You are still the most important part of your child’s experience and music learning. Sing out, dance, share ideas – lets have fun and make some Music Together!

- If you are experiencing delays, try to position yourself close to the router and turn off other devices using wifi.

- Please do not share the link to your Zoom Room. 

Private Facebook Group

Current families can join our private Facebook group for bonus videos and a way to connect to other families during the semester. Find us at


Using the Hello Everybody App 

DOWNLOAD code. Get the "Hello Everybody" App on iOS or Google Play, enter your access code, and voilá! You have access to your music anytime! The app comes pre-loaded with 8 songs but when you download your Maracas Code, you'll get all the songs from the Maracas Collection. Once you've downloaded a collection, you have it forever. Just use the red scroll bar at the bottom to swipe through your collections.

Even if you're already using the "Hello Everybody" app, this little video may help you get the most out of it (like how to get to the Storybooks or use the camera and karaoke features):

If you would like to have the FULL MUSIC NOTATION for all the Bongos Songs, so you can jam along at home, you can download the sheet music from the Family Music Zone. Just create/login to your account on This is a different website than, which is where you'll go to schedule make-up and drop-in classes. 

Email, Call or Text (720) 440-2775 if you have any questions. Thank you so much for joining us on this new online adventure! We're looking forward to seeing you, to singing, dancing and sharing all sorts of fun activities with you soon!  


Musically Yours,

Laura, Betsy, and Madeline

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